Our goal is to bring out the champion that exists inside all kids through the Olympic sport and ancient art of fencing, in a fun yet challenging way. Our unique pedagogical system was created and designed by Maestro Greg Massialas: 2016, 2012 & 2008 USA Olympic Coach, and 3-time USA Olympian. Beyond high level fencing success, our fencers learn to balance their personal schedules, training, travel, and academic demands in their pursuit of excellence.


From Beginner to Olympians

The pursuit of Olympic excellence challenges each individual to achieve their personal best. The MTEAM program is the only program in Northern California with a successful track record of developing fencers from beginners to Olympians.Naturally, not everyone will become an Olympian, but the positive experience in challenging oneself to the limit will last a lifetime. Their passion for the sport, and discipline to do their personal best will determine what they will attain. The sky is the limit.


Elite Fencing Universities

Our fencers earn the best opportunities to attend America’s top universities because of the high profile of our fencing program, and the personal contacts of our coaches. From a young age, our fencers learn that the combination of high level fencing and academics is the winning combination.
Our fencers currently attend: Stanford, Yale, NYU, Harvard, UCLA, Notre Dame, Duke, U. of Penn, SJSU, Northwestern, Penn State, Princeton, Air Force Academy, Columbia, Johns Hopkins and other prestigious universities. At the 2014 NCAA Championships, ALL of the men’s foil “Final 4” were MTEAM fencers.


Olympic Sport of Fencing

Fencing is a safe, individual sport that challenges the mind and body in a unique way. While being very physically demanding, our fencers learn to use their mind, body, and technical skills to overcome their adversary. Our fencers have to focus and apply their problem solving skills under the very stressful conditions of a fencing match. Win or lose, at the end of the match, they shake hands with their opponent, and they fence another day.


International Cross-Cultural Experiences

Over the years, many Olympic, World, European, Asian and Pan-American Champions have come to train with us. This allows our fencers the unique opportunity to build relationships with fencers from all over the world. Each year out International Camps expose our fencers to many cultures from all over the globe. These are special and valuable cultural experiences that give our fencers a worldly perspective while growing up.


Highlights of MTEAM national and international successes:

  • Since the 2001 USA Nationals, our fencers have won more National gold medals than any other foil program in the USA. Overall, our fencers have won a record 72 USA National GOLD medals and a total of 317 USA National Medals!
  • The fencers in our program have brought home for USA Fencing, more World Championship Men’s Foil medals than any other program in the history of USA Fencing.
  • In the 2012 London Olympics, six foil fencers representing the USA were from the MTEAM
  • In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, our top fencer, Gerek Meinhardt, was the youngest USA Olympic fencer in history.
  • MTEAM fencers have been, and continue to be, accepted to the top collegiate fencing programs in the country.


Learn more about our YOUTH CHAMPIONS PROGRAM, RANKINGS and COLLEGIATE FENCING, and please CONTACT US with any questions or to become a member.